• Télérama

    Although he has the use of both his hands, the young French pianist Maxime Zecchini seems to be swept away by this unusual repertoire, which he makes the subject of this fascinating anthology.

    Gilles Macassar

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  • le Monde

    As soldier of modern times, Maxime Zecchini gave an impressive reading of the masterpiece of Ravel's concerto, both on the purely pianistic level and on the musical expression.

    Marie-Aude Roux, Le Monde

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    le Monde

  • Classica

     From the beginning, we are fascinated by the virtuosity of this famous left hand, which gives the illusion of having ten fingers, moves with a big velocity from the extreme low to the extreme high, multiplies the sound complaints and easily follows perilous lines. But beyond the technical particularities, it is a real panorama of the French school that Zecchini gives to see : from Bruno Mantovani to Nicolas Bacri, various styles are called together, but one remains struck by the unity of the whole.

    Sarah Léon, Classica Magazine

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  • Diapason

     Unique in its breadth, the anthology of pieces for the left hand distilled since 2012 by Maxime Zecchini dedicates its seventh volume to contemporary composers... Zecchini has developed an extraordinary mastery in this field... The clear and powerful touch of the performer...

    Pierre Rigaudière, Diapason

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  • Emissions France Musique

    Scriabine, Chopin, Saint-Saëns, Bartók, Fauré, Bellini...They all passed under the fingers of Maxime Zecchini with extraordinary virtuosity.

                Emilie Munera


    Incredible! Phenomenal! Extraordinary! For our listeners, Maxime Zecchini always plays only with his left hand. We can’t believe his ears, but I guarantee it’s true... This will be the first time in the world that all these works will be recorded and gathered in this way...

             Frédéric Lodéon

    Emissions France Musique

  • La Lettre du Musicien

    Maxime Zecchini's project is most audacious: the young French pianist has decided to bring the left-hand repertoire back into the limelight. He is dedicating an anthology to these works. A collection of essential pieces for the left hand. An impressive challenge !

    La Lettre du Musicien

  • Concert Classic

    Like any pianist normally constituted, Maxime Zecchini one fine day plunged into the Concerto for the left hand of Ravel. Many other interpreters before him took on this work and...stayed there! This was not the case for our pianist...An anthology in 10 volumes : you need one, it will be him ! Zecchini contacts the label Ad Vitam records and proposes to launch into a vast anthology in 10 volumes of the repertoire for the left hand – a first in the history of the disc... The pianist masterfully took up the challenge...

            Alain Cochard

    Concert Classic

  • ResMusica

    An impressive tour of the left-hand repertoire. One is astonished by the virtuosity of this young musician's playing; the result is breathtaking. It almost defies the power of human imagination not to hear a right hand. The listener will be amazed at each turn. Nothing could prevent us from following Maxime Zecchini as he continues to explore this repertoire, which, at times, turns curiosity into necessity.


  • Pianiste
  • Le Républicain Lorrain

    As soon as Maxime Zecchini's fingers touched the keyboard, they worked their magic, and the delighted audience called the young pianist back for three encores.

    Le Républicain Lorrain

  • Valeurs Actuelles

    This anthology dedicated to works for the left hand, and entrusted to the already expert fingers of the young French pianist Maxime Zecchini is an excellent idea, a real delight.

    Valeurs Actuelles

  • La Dépêche du Sud-Ouest

    A star pianist, with a frank tone and a crystal clear mastery of the keyboard. His interpretation of Liszt was splendid. As a spectacular finale, this extremely gifted young pianist presented one of his own compositions. The audience's reaction? Unbounded enthusiasm.

    La Dépêche du Sud-Ouest

  • Frankfurter Allgemeine

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    Frankfurter Allgemeine